Overview Nepal

Close your eyes and think of Nepal...


What comes to mind?


Mountains? Everest? Temples? Trekking? People? Culture? Wildlife?


Nepal is all of this and so much more - recent images from the earthquake have not only shown how fragile Nepal is but also how strong and resilient the people of Nepal are.


By buying and reading 'The Adventures of Fairis a Nepali Frog' children gain an insight into the diversity of Nepal as Fairis travels from his home in a National Park to the big city and beyond. The puppet based story sack brings this alive in the imaginations of children and supporting videos and suggested acivtivities encorage children to find out more about this fascinating country.
















Sara has also edited a coffee table book 'Our Village Our Life' which features photographs taken by local people in one of the largest Gurung villages in Nepal called Sikles. Sikles is a vibrant rural village and the photographs give a rich insight into everyday life in Nepal.


The book is available from Fair Connections for £15.00 and all funds will be used to support education material and training being provided for schools to ensure that they are as child friendly as possible. This is needed now more than ever.


To order please email sara@fairconnections.org

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Through stories and fairly produced educational material young people are provided with creative ways of thinking through complex issues.

We can help create new exciting connections between different schools working towards a more equitable and just society.


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