Education is important to children and their families in Nepal and in recent years there has been an increase in the number of children attending schools. Many of these are Government-run but there are also a number of private schools and each one is different. There are also a number of non-governmental organisations both Nepali and International ones that support education initiatives in Nepal.


In Nepal to go from one grade to another you have to pass an exam at the end of each year.


This means that many children do not complete their education. Whilst education is free money is needed for school uniform, books and other material and this means that some children cannot afford to go to school. Sometimes they are needed in the family home to help with farming and household duties. In some areas children have to walk for over an hour just to get to school, often up and down steep mountain slopes. In other places the school is just a bus journey or short walk away.


Nepal is a small country but due to the diversity in landscape it is hard to generalise about life in a school. The educational resources provided with the story sack have examples of daily life in Nepal with questions to encourage children to think through the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of children in Nepal. In many cases their lives are very similar. By learning about life in other countries, through the eyes of local children, we can all increase our understanding of the world that we live in.


Do you have a school link? Would you like to share your experiences? If so please get in touch as we hope to create a space here whereby we can all learn from and with each other.


Are you in school in Nepal? - Would you like to let others know what life is really like in Nepal - often the media only shows one side - again please get in touch through emailing




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Impact of the Earthquake in Nepal - see PDF file above and email for the ppt

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