About us

Fair Connections (Global) is a new Community Interest Company established to help promote awareness of fair trade in primary schools. It was created by Sara Parker, who has been working in Nepal for over 20 years and is also a founder of Liverpool Fair Trade City Steering Group.


Fair connections offers three interrelated services;


1. Educational resources focused round the adventures of a Frog from Nepal


2. Fair trade handicraft products from Nepal


3. Assemblies, workshops, teacher training workshops and educational material


Our mission is to:-


  • Develop awareness of fair trade and support producers in Nepal by increasing the sales of their products.


  • Deepen the knowledge of fair tade and social enterprise in the young UK population.


  • To help create fair connections and friendship links betwen the UK and Nepal.


  • Contribute to the promotion of fair trade, solidarity and a more sustainable world!


Fair Connections aims to reinvest profits into supporting schools in Nepal and to become more child friendly by working with other Non-Governmental-Organistions (NGOs) in Nepal, such as the Pahar Trust and Global Action Nepal, to provide training and resources to primary schools in the country.


By working and networking with young people in the UK and the Nepalese community Fair Connections will help to create a space to share good practice, develop ideas and form new connections.



"I have been visiting and working in Nepal since 1992 and have also been active in the fair trade movement here in the UK. Over the years I have seen the impact that can be achieved by people making more informed decisions about the products that they buy. I have been lucky enough to meet many fair trade producers in Nepal through my research and I never cease to be amazed by all the amazing work being done, both here and in Nepal by ordinary people who want to make a difference. I hope the connections that will develop through this company will lead to genuine freindships and networks based on mutual respect."


Sara Parker-

Fair Connections Founder

Fair Connections aims to deepen understanding of what it means to be fair in a globalised world.

Through stories and fairly produced educational material young people are provided with creative ways of thinking through complex issues.

We can help create new exciting connections between different schools working towards a more equitable and just society.


Fair Connections (Global) CIC is a registered Community Interest Company in England and Wales.