Fairtrade Schools

Bruce shares his experiences in Liverpool in 2013


Fairtrade schools arose from the Fairtrade town movement which began in Garstang by an inspirational campaigner, Bruce Crowther. Bruce explains how the injustice that underpins our current trading system and the ineualitites that this creates is just not acceptable.




Speaking at an event in Liverpool in 2013 Bruce talked about how ordinary people, like himself, can make a difference by just doing what they can. He recalled the first Fairtrade town meeting that only had three people in attendance, Bruce, his wife and their baby sitter. This small meeting led to more and more people getting involved and Garstang became the first Fairtrade town in the world, of which there are now over 1200.





Likewise, there are a growing number of Fairtrade schools within the UK and further afield. Maybe your school is one of them? Maybe you are thinking of becoming one? Maybe you have never heard of Fairtrade schools and want to know more?


The FTF web site is full of information, resources and ideas so why not visit it and see for yourself how you can make a difference?

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