Fairtrade & fair trade


Fairtrade and fair trade (one word two words - whats the difference?)



Fairtrade has a long history and has an excellent web site full of information and resources www.fairtrade.org.uk




As well as Fairtrade certified products there are also Fairtrade towns, cities, Universities, workplaces, places of worship .. and the network is spreading!


The Fairtrade mark is now recognised by over 97% of all teenagers according to the Fairtrade Foundation (FTF) and over 89% of the general public in the UK.








But what of this mark? Fair trade products that are associated to the World Fair Trade Organisation differ from those certified by the Fairtrade (one word!) Foundation which is so well known in the UK. In Nepal the WFTO logo is more recognisable and the FTF one less so - so why is this?


By reading the 'Adventures of Fairis a Nepali Frog' young learners are encouraged to visit the web sites of the FTF and WFTO and compare their products, information and come to their own conclusions about how these two organsiaions are both very similar and yet at the same time different.




Intrigued? Why not visit the web pages of both organisations and see the difference for yourself!


The story of Fairis has an activity at the end which encourages children to learn about both Fairtrade and fair trade.



Fair Connections aims to deepen understanding of what it means to be fair in a globalised world.

Through stories and fairly produced educational material young people are provided with creative ways of thinking through complex issues.

We can help create new exciting connections between different schools working towards a more equitable and just society.


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