Connecting Schools

Linking schools from the UK and Nepal can enrich the learning experiences of all those involved from the children to the teachers to the parents and wider community. Friendship links based on respect and understanding and on an openness to not just learn about but to learn with and from each other is the basis of a successful connection. Fair Connections is not about charity its about solidarity!


A number of Non Governmental Organisationss support friendship links - including:-







A whole range of lesson plans, assemblies, powerpoints, activities and other useful material is provided on the data stick that accompanies the puppet based fair trade Story Sack (GIFTS).


Following the recent earthquakes in Nepal a powerpoint has been developed to help show children the amazing work that is being done by local people to help rebuild their country.


A long road is ahead in rebuilding and lots of support is going to be needed but equally important is that friendship links are formed based on respect that enable mutual understanding to be developed and to help children learn not only about each other but from each other. Nepal has a lot to teach the world in terms of strength, resilience and community spirit. Fair Connections is committed to support local voices beign heard and keeping Nepal in the hearts and minds of us all #unitefornepal.

Fair Connections aims to deepen understanding of what it means to be fair in a globalised world.

Through stories and fairly produced educational material young people are provided with creative ways of thinking through complex issues.

We can help create new exciting connections between different schools working towards a more equitable and just society.


Fair Connections (Global) CIC is a registered Community Interest Company in England and Wales.