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Through her work at Livepool John Moores University and her connections with the village of Sikles, Sara has come into contact with many NGOs working in Nepal in gender education and development. The two NGOs that she has seen in action and have worked with on other projects are outlined below. The work being done by these, and many other organisations, is helping the Nepalese Government and school system improve year on year in order to make education in Nepal a more child friendly environment, not just in the buildings which make the schools but through supporting teachers, communities and most importantly young children to realise their potential.


The Pahar Trust Nepal (PTN) started in the early 1990's by two ex-Ghurkas to improve the standard of education in rural Nepal. This has now led to 100 schools being rebuilt in remote areas with the aim of encouraging children to stay in their local environment and get a good quality education.


As well as building schools, PTN works with other organisations such as Global Action Nepal, and lobbies the Government to improve teacher training methods so that all children can receive a high quality child-friendly, challenging education to help prepare them for the world we live in today.


Friendship links are also supported between Nepal and the UK and more recently in Austraila to help children learn about and from each other. More information to come on this later - but for now please check out the Pahar Trust web site at :-


Global Action Nepal (GAN) is a small but dynamic organisation working in Nepal to help develop the education system and implement social change. GAN is registered in Nepal with the Social Welfare Council as a NGO, and in the UK with the Charity Commission.


They have been working in Nepal since 1996 on a wide range of projects. GAN have worked with a range of well-respected organisations, including the British Council, VSO and World Vision.



Their main aim is to improve the quality of education and to provide basic health to the unreached children of Nepal whilst using a sustainable holistic development approach where there are meaningful partnerships with all stakeholders. All of GAN’s projects are grounded in the key principles of the “Education for All”, designed to meet the following three objectives:


1.Ensuring access to and equity in education;

2.Enhancing the quality and relevance of education;

3.Improving efficiency and institutional capacity within the education system.


Please find out more at

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