What we offer

Fair Connections is a new Community Interest Company that has been established to help promote awareness of fair trade in primary schools.


Fair Connections Foundation has been launched to enables us to work with Educational NGOS and schools in Nepal to provide training and resources to promote child friendly teaching in Nepal.


We are currently seeking volunteers to help develop the company in a number of ways such as helping to sell the products at events and fairs, design educational material, help with web design and social media promotion and reach out to schools to advertise and promote this resource and the work of the company.


Please explore the web site to find out more about the company and Foundation and if you would like to volunteer please email sara@fairconnections.org



Fair connections offers three main services;


1. Global International Fair Trade Story sack(GIFTS) and educational material


GIFTS is a hand puppet based story sack made with fair trade sourced products.


To raise awareness and understating of fair trade with a specific focus on Nepal. We have developed and sell educational resources which are made from fair trade products sourced from Nepal.


The Global International Fair Trade Story-sack - is based on the story of Fairis; a Nepali Frog that travels around Nepal in search of a bag and along his journey visits a factory and a fair trade cooperative. The story and product is aimed at Primary schools (Key stage 2 and 3) and the primary customers are schools with an interest in Fairtrade, Global Citizenship or Nepal.


Now only £200 for schools, who are also invited to

donate to Fair Connections Foundation to provide resources and training in Nepal.


Click here to buy



2. Fair trade handicraft products from Nepal


To enable school children to develop entrepreneurial skills and to supply them with fair trade handicraft products from Nepal to sell at school fairs and fund sailing events. We do this by selling fair trade products from Nepal to schools to help them develop ethical entrepreneurial activities and strengthen their commitment to fair-trade. Products on sale are and made in Nepal by organisations registered with Fair Trade Group Nepal.



3. Assemblies, bespoke workshops and teacher training sessions


We deliver a range of workshops and training to schools on fair trade using the puppet based story sack, the GIFTS, and on life in Nepal. We also offer workshops in schools.


Through following this program we can provide advice and support for schools looking to develop international friendship links with schools in Nepal as a means of helping deepen cross cultural understanding.


Fair Connections aims to deepen understanding of what it means to be fair in a globalised world.

Through stories and fairly produced educational material young people are provided with creative ways of thinking through complex issues.

We can help create new exciting connections between different actors working towards a more equitable and just society.


Fair Connections (Global) CIC is a registered Community Interest Company in England and Wales.