Adventures of Fairis


Who is Fairis ?


Fairis is the main character in an exciting story about a frog who goes on an adventure through Nepal learning about fair trade along the way. His name - pronounced Fair - is (as in to be fair!) is a clue to the lessons that he learns.


He meets a friendly monkey called Chalak (meaning clever) who guides him on his journey.




He wants young people to read his book and learn all about Nepal and fair trade with him!


The name was inspired by a toy frog taken to America by Bruce Crowther when he went to visit Media, the first Fairtrade Town in the USA. The story was also inspired by a book written by Kanak Mani Dixit about a Nepali Frog called Bhaktaprasad Bhagyo - who is the Uncle of Fairis who sets him on on his exciting adventure.





The A3 read to the class book comes with the GIFTS - Story sack


A4 spiral bound books £14.99


A5 stich bound books £8.99


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The orginal 'Fairis a Nepali Frog' travels around Fairtrade Towns and has a facebook page to share his experiences.


He was recently seen at the 9th International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol where he met Fairis a Nepali Frog (see photos above). In Bristol they both learnt a lot about Fairtrade (one word) and fair trade (two words).


They both loved the logo developed by Fair and Funky and look forward to hearing more about their work!


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